Eventide by RilindHoxha

The shot I am sharing with you all today, is from my most recent trip to Meteora, Greece. It was a very spontaneous decision and luckily I live close by, so I just packed my things and hit the road! I arrived late at night and planned to wake up early for the sunrise. The weather in Greece is extremely pleasant these days, but the nights…I thought Im gonna freeze! Anyway, as much as I wanted to stay in my very warm bed, I got up and drove to Meteora from the small town I was staying in which is located right beneath it.
I was at the location around 6:20, which is about 40 minutes before the sunrise, but I decided to start shooting immediately, because i wanted to capture different perspectives until I get it right. Since I started shooting before sunrise, this image technically represents twilight, that’s how all the colors came in…The light started to touch the top of the mountains, cliff peaks and the monastery. As soon as I saw what was happening, I knew I had to capture it! The moon was just perfect, creating a small glow through the morning haze, plus a few starts left in the sky…it created a very dramatic look!
It was edited from one raw file, since I managed to get everything from a single shot. I also played with the graduated filter in Lightroom to get the sky right; and later with dodge and burn technique in Photoshop. I did adjust the white balance as well, in order to get the magenta tones. It was shot at f11, iso 160 and with a shutter speed of 20 seconds. Even though I did shoot 3 shots bracketed, like I said I used only the base, because it was enough to create the look I envisioned

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Convent Library (Mafra National Palace) by achiganito

The Mafra National Palace has one of the most important Portuguese libraries, with a valuable collection of approximately 36,000 volumes, true repository of knowledge. To highlight some rare works like the collection of incunabula (printed works until 1500) or the famous “Nuremberg Chronicle” (1493), as well as several Bibles or the first encyclopedia (known as Diderot et D’alembert), the illuminated books of hours. XV and still an important core of musical scores of Portuguese and foreign authors, as Marcos Portugal, j. de Sousa, João José Baldi, among others, especially written for the set of six historical organs of the Basilica. To establish the importance of this collection, a Papal Bull granted by Pope Benedict XIV in 1754, in addition to prohibiting, under penalty of excommunication, the deviation or loan of printed or handwritten works without a license from the King of Portugal, grants you permission to include in its collection the forbidden books by the Index.

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