The Coronation of the Alps by StefanHefele

“The Coronation of the Alps” – Dolomites

Not only Reinhold Messner has dubbed the Dolomites as the most beautiful mountains in the world. With its majestic aura they act like the teeth of the crown of the Alps.

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The Coronation by StefanHefele

“The Coronation” – A new life is born

The Coronation of life is when you witness how new life is starting to breath. Especially when it´s your own flesh and blood. Three days ago my little daughter came into this crazy world. To her I want to dedicate this very special photo, which I see myself as one of my most inspiring moments ever.

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The Coronation of Bavaria by StefanHefele

“The Coronation of Bavaria” – Allgäuer Hochalpen

What a tour! Probably my last, before it´s getting back to familybusiness for a while. A ridgewalk already was in my mind for long. The heavenly green, grassy and steep slopes of the Allgäu Alps were perfectly for my undertaking. While a small thunderstorm built up in the front, the landscape revealed in its purest beauty. A beauty that is not describable. One has to experience it.


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