Happy New Year 2016! by BertrandoCampos

A new year is like a blank book. The pen is in our hands and it’s our chance to write a better story for ourselves. Let’s celebrate a new beginning. Happy New Year!

Pileated Finch (Tico-tico-rei-cinza).

The Pileated Finch is a resident of arid scrubland and forest edge in Venezuela, Colombia and eastern Brazil. Male Pileated Finches are gray above with a white eyering, black crown, concealed flame red crest and are greyish-white below. Females have duller upperparts than males and have brownish-grey crowns, a greyish-brown streaked breast and a white belly. Pileated Finches are rather quiet and unobtrusive, and often forage on or near the ground for seeds and insects, only occasionally perching in the open. These birds are often encountered alone or are loosely associated with mixed species flocks.

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