Getting Prepared !!!!!!!!!!! by judylynn

This beautiful Violet Sabrewing was preparing to gather nectar when I captured this image. The hummingbirds are equipped with a long tongue and use it well to gather their daily nourishment. This was captured on our recent trip last October to Costa Rica and will be taking a group back in early April.

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Hidden Beauties Of Costa Rica by judylynn

This pitt viper is one to be careful of as he is a venomous snake. I had written down the name of this snake but lost the info so I am not sure of the I.D. We were really captured by the beauty of this snake and actually most of them stay clear of humans if possible.. It is only when they are bothered that they might defend themselves and attack. We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to see this incredible creature of the rain forests of Costa Rica.

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In Search Of A Different View !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!w by judylynn

This beautiful scarlet macaw was having an awesome time flying and taking the opportunity of getting just a slightly different view . To be born free is so awesome and My heart was filled with joy seeing these magnificent birds living the way they were meant to live. Loved them and could have watched them all day . They are very sociable and love being together. To see them fly in large flocks is truly breathtaking. How fortunate we were to have seen them born free.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed evening !!

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Still For A Moment !!!!!!!!!! by judylynn

This little fiery hummingbird was captured hovering before moving on to gather nectar. This was not taken with flash but in natural light but with a very fast shutter speed of 2000. It is truly amazing what these little creatures are capable of doing.

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I Am Magnificent Too !!!!!!!!!!! by judylynn

This is an image of the female magnificent hummingbird taken on our recent trip to Costa Rica. She is not as vibrant in color as the male but still so beautiful and elegant . She was awesome to watch as she flew from flower to flower in search of food.
Hope everyone one had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wishing each one of you a beautiful and blessed day, Look forward to caching up on what I have missed.

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Up Up And Away !!!!!!!! by judylynn

This is another image of the awesome and beautiful violet ear. To watch this beauty in action is like watching a well rehearsed ballet. An unforgettable experience and a privilege to see.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Sunday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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