Little crofter’s cottage, Shieldaig, Scotland by EuropeTrotter

Happy New Year 2016 !

A beautiful little crofter’s cottage overlooking Loch Shieldaig on the road from Torridon to Applecross. Historically, the crofter and his family would have existed on livestock and fishing, with root crops grown for the winter. This little house is now used as a holiday cottage.

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Bloody Foreland by eyeofalens

Bloody Foreland

Sometime ago I went through a few old files id never processed or shared & this being one of them
Well this was taken in September 2011 when I with my sister & other family members & friends were saying our final farewell to our old man Frank …or cranky Franky. He wasn’t really cranky, just sometimes : ) We didn’t get the best weather whilst in Donegal & this is about the only dramatic kind light I saw in 2 weeks. Then again I wasn’t really chasing photos as such or certainly not that mentally with it at the time

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