Kaboom! by MarkMetternich

Post Processing Video Tutorials
Some of the most massive breakers in the world can be seen on the Oregon Coast (USA) when the conditions are just right. This one (taken several days ago) was about 200 feet (61 meters) high. To see it in person is simply astonishing.
 I left the two people on the cliff, in the photo, for scale.

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Thank you very much for looking!


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Pacific Tsunamic Fury by MarkMetternich

Post Processing Video Tutorials
Violent and extremely chaotic Tsunami-like storm surf pounds the Pacific Coastline on Oregon’s South coastline. An awesome welcome back for me.

The person wearing the yellow rain gear was left in for a sense of scale. He is standing at 100 feet high (over 30 meters). The image was taken just as surf was crashing over us from 100 feet below.

This is a single shot, with almost no processing aside from minor color corrections.

Thank you very much for looking and I hope you enjoy (or are scared by) the image. 🙂

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“Stormy Weather on the Washington Coast” by conormusgrave

With the high winds & rain fall I knew I had to drive to the coast to see the waves crashing! The wind was blowing the rain sideways and I was completely soaked through all my layers after 30 minutes but the explosiveness of the waves colliding was mesmerizing. I was really surprised with the number of other photographers out there too! Definitely worth seeing once.

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Sea power by samards

Big waves crushing on curved stone pier, on stormy weather and vivid sunset, big tide, Saint Malo, France.

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