Insane by Wieselblitz

Another goofy Noodles.
She had distemper as a puppy, that’s why… I guess. Well, her teeth are really bad because of it. But she is crazy by nature.

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Hiding Behind The Clouds by Barisparildar

Photography made me appreciate and enjoy everything in life more than ever. There were people walking by me not even noticing this beauty when I was totally amazed by the beautiful light and reflections. Some people were talking about the storm coming in and it might be raining a lot. A guy started a conversation about the fish in the lake. I guess I was one of the few people actually living this moment. I can’t describe the joy of witnessing a moment like this and just feeling like a part of it. I was already blown away by the clouds covering the mountain and then these little movements on the lake started. And here I am sharing this image after weeks and still kind of having the same feel I got there. Have a great week…

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Straight but twisted by BradHannon

One of our earliest views of the storm as we approached from the north. This supercell near Julesburg, Colorado on May 28th 2013 was simply jaw-dropping.

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