Liffey in the rain by intrepidphotos

A classic perspective on Liffey Falls. Fortunately it was raining lightly when I took this shot which is why there is such soft even light in the forest. Liffey Falls is nestled within cool temperate rainforest on the slopes of the Great Western Tiers and forms part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Tasmania, Australia
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~ Formosan Whistling Thrush ~ by FuYiChen

Taiwan Whistling Thrush | 台灣紫嘯鶇
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鳥類名稱 Bird Name:Taiwan Whistling Thrush / Formosan Whistling Thrush / 台灣紫嘯鶇
學名 Scientific Name: Myiophoneus insularis. 科名 Family:鶇科(Turdidae).嘯鶇屬(Myiophoneus).
圖像大小 Image Size : 4912 x 3264 pixel

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Winter light by Nordhaug-photography

This was captured one year ago tomorrow. At 0130 pm the sun was setting, giving some fabulous light over this frosted litlle creek. The temp was minus 20 C, but I had to stop my car and wade waist-deep in the snow to capture this. Single exposure. Hope you like it, have a super evening!

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Panther Zen by MajeedBadizadegan

When I’m spending time in the Columbia River Gorge, I can’t help but visit some of these southern washington falls. This photo has been sitting on my hard drive since spring of this year but I couldn’t resist the foreground texture.

It was interesting to see this fall accented by some mid morning sun. As clouds were moving overhead, it created some natural dappled light, and ultimately an interesting division of shadows and highlights that I found intriguing.

Many of my advanced image processing techniques that i teach in Skype tutorials were used on this image.

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Days End by tjdrysdale

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Model: Sheridan Markham

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