Tuscany Promenade by belhial13

This is a shot taken during a trip in the amazing Tuscany with my friend Attilio Di Giangiacomo. Ready to shoot the sunrise, we headed to the mythical Val d’Orcia, moving from there to the mystical Crete Senesi area where the gentle hills are embraced by the soft morning mist giving the landscape an incredible charm and atmosphere. This is a single exposure shot handheld. I went for the 70mm focal length as I found it would better frame the scene before me.

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Tuscany paradise by blazblue78

One of the most famous and beautifull place in Tuscany taken at sunrise. Lee GND 0,9 softgrad + Sing Ray 0,6 reverse GND

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Morning glory by blazblue78

One of the “stongest” sunrise I’ve seen at Belvedere in val d’Orcia. Lee GND 0.9 softgrad + 0.6 softgrad

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