Burning Sky by DibyaRanjan

Burning Sky.


Oh Man how much do I love Winter Sunsets! Greetings from a small town in India! Cheers!

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Windy Day by eyeofalens

Windy Day

Captured on a very windy spring day back in spring. Despite Skane’s abundance in canola fields I’ve actually found it rather difficult to find compositions I really like. I have some ideas in my mind what I want in them but as of yet, I’ve yet to find that idea, where I just go Yes ! I’ll keep hunting agin next spring.

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Running Away by JessicaDrossin

My kid, always running out of my reach.
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Edited with my One-Click Portrait Perfection photoshop actions available on Sept.10. Also edited with JD Fine Art Tints (Parchment) and Dramatic Matte from Matte + Haze available here.

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The Stand Out by eyeofalens

Felt Like sharing something very green!
One of very few images I have captured this past spring of the local Skane landscapes here in Sweden
Im in need of some mountains & coastlines to be completely honest.

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Quiet Inner Happiness by osvaldomirante

I ve been always told: Osvaldo tu es tête en l’air.

However, I always look at my feet when I walk. I sometimes look straight, but when surrounded by people, I am better feeling in my thoughts than being watching time passing.


When I am alone, wandering, looking at what earth has the most beautiful: NATURE. I am looking head straight, seeing what my brain needs to see. Quiet inner happiness.

That was long time ago, while I was hating myself, and avoiding other glances.

Now, my eyes are scanning…. right, left, up and down.

My eyes are looking at you, you and also you…. at this, that and that one as well.

Like this sunset you see in the picture. In reality it was more beautiful. Imagine.

Just Imagine that you are wandering, alone, camera on hands. Waiting to copy and paste what you see as reality but in your own fantasy.



That was that moment. at 9pm. Thinking of how Life is beautiful and so short at the same time.




I am wondering whether I will really find once a quiet Inner Happiness. is it only a Copy and Paste of what you wish to be but reality is other?

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