Drape of Purity by aagazzi

It was quite challenging to find a decent spot to put up a tripod and building up an image where not too many obstacles are in your way. The stones are extremely slippery so caution is required to prevent yourself from falling with all the equipment!

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The Curtain Falls by williammevissen

The Curtain Falls before sunrise at lake ‘Reindersmeer’, ‘De Maasduinen’ National Park (Well, Netherlands).

Title inspiration: Riverside – The Curtain Falls (https://youtu.be/0K1_7QT_POg)

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Summer theatre: All is possible by SaraBiljanaGaon

Why is it that summer usually awakes a dreamer in us?

“She imagined herself whirling breathlessly beneath the flashing lights of some impossibly chic Manhattan disco. Suddenly, a hand touches her arm. She turns. ‘Pardon me,’ Mick Jagger says, ‘I believe this next dance is mine.”

– Francine Pascal, Too Good To Be True

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Covered by Eikonas

Thanks to my most beautiful model! Available Light in Mallorca 🙂

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EIKONAS Photography – www.eikonas.net

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