Machu Picchu Sunrise (125 Megapixel) by TonyNorthrup

Chelsea & I got up at 4am to get to Machu Picchu before the crowds. As the sun rose over the mountains, we hurried to find the most scenic spot. When I saw the man in the upper-left step into place, I quickly snapped a shot of him for scale and then continued shooting this 12-image panorama (an effective 10.5mm). Taken with the Sony a7R II, a metabones Mk IV adapter, and the Sigma 24-105 (at 24mm). Merged in Lightroom CC.

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The Lost Inca City by chenxistanley

Got up 2:30 am in the morning to be the first 10 people entered the lost city that day. When it’s all covered by fog 6:30 am I knew something will happen then. This is the payoff for the exhausted hiking with all the gears before the sunrise.

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salt of the earth by fredmatos

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Salina Maras

Maras is a small Peruvian town located about 40 kilometers from Cusco.

The city is known for its salt in evaporation ponds on uneven terrain.

Salt has been exploited since pre-Incan eras obtained by salt water evaporation from a local underground stream.

Water, highly salted, emerges from an underground natural water flow. The flow is directed to a complex system of small channels constructed so that the water flows gradually into the hundreds of small ponds in the form of stairs.

The lagoons, molded into polygons, have on average four square meters, and none exceeds foot deep.

The salt-control the flow of water is slowly introduced through a slot in a side wall of each tank.

Heated by the sun, the water evaporates and becomes supersaturated salt which accumulates at the bottom. The water flow is closed and after a few days the sun salt is scraped and collected.

The Maras Salt Mines work in cooperative, Maras any citizen can have your tank for salt production

The effect of reflected sunlight in the complex of small lagoons form an impressive landscape.

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