Travel Photographer Of The Year 2015 – IV by MarselvanOosten

Four days ago I won the overall title Travel Photographer Of The Year 2015 with two black and white portfolios – a landscape portfolio and a wildlife portfolio. Here’s the last image from the landscape portfolio.

All four images were shot from a kayak or while standing in the water, on a scouting trip last year in the swamps of Louisiana – off the beaten tracks, and far away from all the usual photographic hot spots. This is surely one of the most magical places on this planet.

You can read more about this series on my blog:

In short: two years ago we decided to check out the swamps in Louisiana and Texas to see if we could set up the world’s first Cypress Swamp photo tour there. Last month we returned from our second scouting trip to this amazing place, where we searched for additional locations, finalized the accommodation, and fine tuned the logistics.

We will officially announce the new trip somewhere next week. As usual, we will first contact our most frequent flyers to give them first choice, but after that we’ll open the tours for the rest of you as well.

Special thanks to Daniella for her help setting up these shots.


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If you would like to join us on one of our photo tours, please have a look on our website. Only a few trips still have some openings left:

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