Winterless by eyeofalens

Seeing as there has been bugger all snow in the far south of Sweden this Winter thus far, I give you one from last winter from within Bokskogen.
No trolls to be found, maybe after a few of gods nectar, there’s a thought, a midnight run out here searching for them, bound to see all sorts of things with a few Guinness running through the veins ūüôā

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~ Cape Green ~ by DavidGomes1

The original name of Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) is coming from “Cap Vert” in Senegal, really green place!
But the really moment that Cape Verde is “Cape Green” is during rainy season where the landscapes are really beautiful as you can see in this shot.

This is one more shot from my series Magic Lands- Dam Figueira Gorda!
Have a nice week!
Enjoy and vote!

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~ Big “S” ~ by DavidGomes1

One more shot from my series Magic Lands!
Today we have a fews dams and we are in rainy season where the landscapes are really beautiful.
But the most important in this shot is a composition and lighting.
It was very difficult (hard) to get a vision angle to have the big letter “S”.
“S” of “Saquinho” the name of this dam.
For this, I walked over an hour crossing “river bank” and climbing mountains.
Please enjoy and voting!

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Disappearing Act? by scottsmorra

What would you do if Hrafnabjargafoss disappeared? I just found out the National Power Company of Iceland is planning to build a dam on the Skj√°lfandaflj√≥t River in Northern Iceland. The Skj√°lfandaflj√≥t River is home to several stunning waterfalls including; Aldeyjarfoss, Ingvararfoss, Hrafnabjargafoss and Go√įafoss. The new Hrafnabj√∂rg Power Plant and dam would divert water away from a long stretch of the river downstream and would lead to the loss of several waterfalls. There are currently 3 different options on the table for the dam. For option A, Aldeyjarfoss, Ingvararfoss, Hrafnabjargafoss would all dry up and disappear and for options B and C Ingvararfoss, Hrafnabjargafoss would be gone. Having seen these waterfalls in person, I feel it would be an incredible loss if they were to vanish. I do understand the need for energy, but it seems like there are better places than this area to build a dam. What do you think?

If you would like to sign the petition against the dam construction you can click here

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