Dancing In The Dark by paulbarson

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Dancing with moon by zardo500px

I took this photo between two hard rains. It was pretty difficult and pretty fun at the same time. All were dark and i could only see when there were no clouds. My camera were totally soaked. I’ve ruined my pants, my shoes and I’ve got a cold seek now 😉 but the result deserves it !
The photo was taken in a lapse of time of 300 seconds. It was a perfect full moon ! It’s nowhere in the field.

A pure magical night ! I’ve danced with the moon !

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Bobby Socks Storm Brew by eyeofalens

Bobby Socks Storm Brew
I have been wanting to re-visit some files captured in 2103 while briefly in Yellowstone before that rather infamous capitol hill shut down, scuttled my trip plans.
Here is an image from a file for whatever reasons I’ve previously overlooked. Likely prefered a slight variation of where the water course started. I remember quickly taking these shots, as about 30mins before this one of the park rangers tolerantly said to me you really need to go back to your camp ground ( as the park was officially closed & we were to vacate the next day )
Wished I could have returned the next day as there was 6-8inches of snow overnight..

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PRAY FOR PARIS by senen_941

In memory for all the victims that have died today in Paris. Rest in peace.

In sorry but, as I said with the other photo, I cant understand what has happened today.


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#PRAYFORPARIS by senen_941

Im sorry but as a human being I cant understand what have happened today.

Spain with Paris in this horrible day.

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