Nuclear Dunes by dthompson

By far the best light I’ve seen on these dunes. This was a last minute decision to shoot here. I had plans to drive to Lone Pine and shoot Alabama Hills, but with horrible planning, and a late start from Vegas, I ended up here instead. Definitely wasn’t expect this! Such a great surprise. And the crazy thing about this evening, was I only saw one other person on this evening. I had the whole place to myself. 🙂

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Waking up for that next Black Friday discount… or waking up with your friends in the Mountains. Anyone choosing to #OptOutside this Black Friday?
I am heading to the Eastern Sierras.. maybe see you there. #sponsored

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Ballad of Gales by alexnoriega

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Golden evening light and wind on the dunes of Death Valley, California. No orton effects here, that’s just the glow of blowing back/side-lit sand.

I know, “another” dune shot. But this is the culmination of conditions I had always hoped for, and before this image, hadn’t seen, at the dunes. Wind was forecast for this particular evening, so I made sure to be there. The way blowing sand glows and catches light is pretty amazing, and I was fortunate enough to find this dynamic composition before the light was gone, along with the wind.

The wind certainly could have been better, so I won’t call it quits on shooting dunes just yet – but it did enough for this image to make it stand out among my own dune shots, at least. This is one of my two favorite dune images, the other being the quieter “Nocturne of Shadow” from November of 2014.

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