Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo. by FranciscoGarciaRios

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Another shot of the ruins of the old and abandoned cement plant facilities in Pozo Cañada (Albacete, Spain), this time showing its ruined large storage hall and its loading docks, which resembles that of a post-apocalyptic “steapunk” temple under the starry night.

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Otra toma de las ruinas de las instalaciones de la vieja cementera abandonada en Pozo Cañada (Albacete), en esta ocasión mostrando la ruinosa gran nave de almacenamiento y el suyo muelle de carga, que asemeja el de un postapocalíptico retrofuturista templo bajo la noche estrellada.

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Scolaris by ChristianBoss

Scolaris. The decaying and abandoned Catholic school in the mountains of Italy. And with its desks and chairs appear to school children still eerily present. I hope you like it as me. I wish you a nice Christmas-Evening.

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Steam-Vessel by ChristianBoss

A small Sulzer steam-vessel in a disused Powerplant in evening sunlight. I hope you like it as me. I wish you a nice Evening.

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Stranded on the Oriënt Express (final edit) by Freewilly

Somewhere in Belgium, this luxuriously diesel from the series 652 (later renumbered to 620) i visited with model Lucienne. The Belgian railway company SNCB ordered 12 pieces in 1936.

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