Midnight Purple by RCNaturephotos

“Midnight Purple”

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Arganzuela Space by demiguel

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Radicality by msn_9

This is the quality or state of being fundamental, ie: Radicalism.
In Rainy season this year i got lucky to capture this vivid milkyway arc, with intense air glow or known as green sheen, along with orange distant town light noise.
In fact, the message here is to convey is SAVE TREES. Nothing else in entire galaxy can save us except TREES. They are the fundamental entity of survival and existence of life on planet EARTH.

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Electric Blue by WarrenKeelan

Electric Blue //
Beautiful liquid blue energy seconds before detonation.
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Appearance by LorenzoNadalini

Corno alle Scale (Bologna) – Italia

A shot taken in a brook that talks about autumn…a simple and quiet scene.
Sometimes we have the impression that some things happened a second time, a third. A kind of déjà vu…
Some things reoccur sometimes, other times it’s like the water of a mountain stream. Water that flows and it seems that returns shortly after: but it’s only appearance.

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sea by andriysolovyov

landscape maritime space in the afternoon and clouds, sea view

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