If Tomorrow Never Comes by DaniloFaria

Still one of the favorite places I’ve ever seen… miss it very much! After an accident that will make me miss lots of time in the wild, I offer you a “bit of wisdom”.
Many people “avoid” the classic shot because they say “it has been done so many times, I’ve seen it a thousand times, I will go back there anytime I want…. blah blah blah…” well, classic shots are classic for a reason! THEY MATTER, that’s why they are classic! Take the classic shot every time you can, you never know what tomorrow brings.
“The Subway” main emerald pool. Thanks to all for the comments and support, I appreciate them all!

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The Racetrack by DaniloFaria

I am not sure if you have or have not used the new Dehaze filter within Photoshop CC Camera Raw, but I am super excited how well it works…
A typical day at “The Racetrack” (near The Wave) with beautiful blue skies, but a “rebel” cloud decided to show up… Thank you all for your support and visits!

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