Galactic game by Vahlenkamp

An early morning dew hung heavily on the vegetation. Spider Webs which usually are not particularly visible, now shone full of sparkling water droplets.
A wonderful interplay of water and silk. Yes, silk. I did not know it before, but it’s actually made of floating silk coming out of the body of a spider. These silk fibers then immediately solidify, and obtain a greater tensile strength than hardened steel (with the same thickness).
The other astounding is the water invisible inherent characteristic; Surface tension. The main reason for droplets not to burst, but continuing to hang. When one came right close into this unique interaction, it looked almost like a sparkling miniature micro cosmos. Fascinating!
But where had the spider gone? I’m not sure, but I suppose it sat hiding somewhere, waiting patiently for the droplets to evaporate when the sun later rose.

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Seagull swivel by Vahlenkamp

Watching a seagull floating lazily
Through an invisible blue ocean
Effortlessly soaring on invisible waves

Course dictated by winds currents
Piercing eyes watching, senses alert
Casting a moving shadow, cross the deep

Tracking a path none knows
Swooping, surfing ocean’s rollers
Wingtips gently kissing wave peaks.

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Purple Delight by JaniceMarieMcgregor

Doing 2 images today to make up for Last night. Hope you all are having a wonderful blessed day. Thank You for the Visit leaving your Likes, Favorites, Shares and Comments. They all mean so much to me. If you are a new FOLLOWER… Please let me know in a comment so I can return the favor! Sending Hugs to you all!

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Mountain momentum by Vahlenkamp

These small mountain flowers I found on a trip in Norefjell (a high mountain area). They stood only a few meters away a large snowbank at 1150 meters altitude. Here far above where trees grow, where winters are extremely long, and summer are correspondingly short, these small plants are waiting patiently for the sun and heat. When it finally comes, they rise quickly up and show their beauty.

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Dandelion dormitory by Vahlenkamp

As night approaches, the dandelion closes its flower’s petals. It’s as if the plant says; That’s enough for today. Now I need calm. I will take care of my energy, my precious nectar and my pollen seed until the next day. When the sun again comes back, you can also come back. And I will show myself from my best side.

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Foxglove flirt by Vahlenkamp

Because hairs on their speckled daybeds baffle the little bees,
foxgloves come out to advertise for rich bumbling hummers,
who crawl into their tunnels-of-delight with drunken ease
(see Darwin’s chapters on his foxglove summers)
plunging over heckles caked with sex-appealing stuff
to sip from every hooker its intoxicating liquor
and stop it propagating in a corner with itself.

And this is how the foxflower keeps its sex life in order.
Two anthers—adolescent, in a hurry to dehisce—
let fly too soon, so pollen lies in drifts around the floor.
Along swims bumbler bee and makes an undercoat of this,
reverses, exits, lets it fall by accident next door.
So ripeness climbs the bells of Digitalis, flower by flower,
undistracted by a Mind, or a Design, or by desire.

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