UNCHARTED by BenoSaradzic

I took this photograph in one of the most remote and desolate places I’ve ever been to. This place lies approximatley 180 kilometers Southeast of Abu Dhabi, at least 70 kilometers away from the nearest paved road, town, electricity, radio or phone reception, store or water for that matter…
The thought of ‘what if something happens, how are we going to get help and how are they even going to locate us in this place’ was rather unsettling. The place is really, really remote and it puts your pathetic, human self in very honest perspective. Indeed, such locations remind us not to take the benefits of progress and civilization for granted.
But there’s more, so much more than the fear for survival about this incredible place. The silence and utter serenity. Complete lack of man-made noise. Billions of stars in the night sky. The shifting sands and the camels who float like ghosts between the dunes. The purity and honesty of the barren desert nature can’t really be described unless you experience it in person. And when you do, you’ll never be the same again.
Photographed with Canon 5D Mk3 and Nikon 14-24mm lens. This is a 7-stop, dynamically blended image. Processed on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit custom built computer, Wacom Intuos Pro tablet, Photoshop CC 2015 and NIK Color Efex 4 software.

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Fox on white by mennodekker

Here is a shot of a fox I took in Hokkaido Japan. Every time I see photo’s of this particular fox it reminds me of one best photographing days I have experienced so far. We had stellar sea eagles and orca’s for breakfast and foxes in all kind of snow situations in the afternoon. We got the location where the fox should be from another photographer, who sent a photo of a green storage building in the middle of nowhere and the coordinates for gps. We showed them to the taxi driver, who looked at us if we were absolutely insane to go there, but he drove to the location, we found the building and started walking. Just 5 minutes later 2 foxes appeared in a place full of snow. Sometimes you just have to be very lucky I guess……

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