The Abandoned Church by marcperrella

This is the main sanctuary of an abandoned church in Detroit. Even in its present state, it is a pretty amazing place. The builders obviously took great pride in this one….so much intricacy in the design and thought to the way the sunlight would stream in. I couldn’t help but wonder what it must have looked like when that last family walked out of worship service and the lights were turned off for the final time.

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Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan by swosina

The RenCen is the tallest building in Michigan since being erected in 1977. The roof is at 727′ and the Spire brings the total height to 750′. There are a total of 7 buildings, one at 73 floors, 4 at 39 floors, and 2 at 21 floors. John Portman was the principal architect for the original design.

The building is now own by General Motors and is their World Headquarters. There center (tallest) building is a Marriot Hotel and is the 3rd tallest all hotel skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere.

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