Devils Beam by eetschman

Well lucky me the commercial marketing team from Red Bull cleaned out the lake so i did not needed to fake the reflection of the bridge (so many leaves beafore) so i got the perfect autum shot .. ok some more leaves 4 day before would have been nice .. but hey the lake was clean .. little light from the back and the side . .me runun around was again nessesary thanx to my massive LED Lenser it was easy to lite up the scene

love it .. like it 😉

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Mystic reflections by MartinKrajczy

Autumn sunset at this lovely place . I really did have time and was on my own at this late afternoon in the parc. So i tried many different positons to capture the mood of this special place. In this sho i like the the two half circles on the right handside of the frame – one half circle is coming from the bridge the other one from the still green trees on the right hand side. This is really another eye catcher beside the lovely bridge and it adds dynamic to the frame.

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Mystic morning by MartinKrajczy

At this morning the lower fog on the sea and the first sun light coming through the high fog really created a mystic atmosphere. Being on my own at this place did intensify the mystic and silent atmosphere. The lovely colours of autumn and the dark bridge are a great contrast within this frame. For a short time of period the wind did blow and created the water structure you see in front of the bridge. A great atmosphere at the beginning of this day and totally different to the evening before when i shot the picture „stranger“ which you can find in my gallery as well from the backside of the bridge. This beauty is great from both sides with the right conditions.
– please watch on the black background –

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