Afterglow by ScottMcCook

Hey Guys,

This is a very photographed spot and I’ve been in the mood lately to try some different edits from here. I don’t often push things out this far and to be honest I’m not even sure about it but it does look different! I like to explore all corners of post processing as you can see in my portfolio, this is the extreme of one of those corners 🙂


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Off-line by CarlosCaicedo1

There are objects we take for granted because they’ve been part of our daily lives since we can remember. They’re so well designed, modern technology hasn’t been able to improve. And their simplicity is remarkably welcome to the camera.

The simple, friendly little pencil is one of them. And it’s an extension of our brain.

Out of a row of yellow pencils, a single one that broke the mold also broke the tip.

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The Storyteller by AnnieMitova

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Hexagon Sun Over Ancient Bagan. by FacechooYong

With the way I tilted my camera,I caught an image of sun in different form.
22 minutes after I captured ‘diamond rays’ sunrise in the sky.Instead of round,I got a hexagon
ring within the round sun flare.
Rays of lights shone from tips of its angles;lighting up the sacred land.
I recorded it and make it into picture of hexagon sun over ancient Bagan.
Thank You for your visit & support. May you always be happy & healthy.

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Connection by WarrenKeelan

Connection //
Energy connecting and about to explode over a shallow reef below. I am in awe of nature!

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