Breaking all Illusions by ArpanDas

I am working on a huge Panorama but my macbook is not enough for it. Photoshop is crashing all the time. So I tried a single exposure from it. Hope you will like it. This is so far my favourite place to shoot photography as we have everything with this composition. Moon, milkyway, sunset whatever you want

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Giant by DanielCheong1

This is a 94 Megapixels Vertical Panorama shot with the Nikon D810 and the Nikkor 24mm PC-E Tilt Shift lens.
Because of the height of Burj Khalifa, I had to shot 4 landscape shots. Also had to do a mix of auto-stitching and manual stitching.

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The heart of Tuscany by ArpanDas

View of Florence from the top of Duomo

Uploading a cityscape after a long time. I got back my D810 after almost 2 and half months. It decided to take a cold bath one night in lake Fusine and jumped inside it while shooting the night sky. I left all hope and for a moment I thought this is the time to say good bye to photography. But many people suggested to dry it and I dried it almost for 2 weeks and then sent it to Nikon but Nikon rejected to clean the sensor and finally the service centre in Turino did it and it is working perfectly fine. I climbed the Duomo to test if everything is working fine. Hope it will work fine 🙂

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A Long Way Down by JimmyMcintyre

I would be lying if I said hanging over this ledge wasn’t terrifying! This is made from 2 handheld exposures. You can see the workflow used to create this image on my blog: A long Way Down

You can also download my my Free Easy Panel for Photoshop! Easy Panel

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Darkland by ArpanDas

This was one of the most beautiful sunset I have ever witnessed in my life and luckily that day there was not enough tourist. My job was to capture the moonshine but I reached the place a little bit early as I live nearby and the sunset was really crazy. This shot was taken exactly when the sun was in the horizon and the light was glowing over the city with the rising moon. P.S I have not blended the moon from any other image. I have made a short video how I got this moon. If you want check the youtube link


Youtube Tutorial



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Land of Cosmos by ArpanDas

Read the description please.

I know first thing people will think about is how it is possible to get the milkyway when there is such a bright moon. Well my expression was exactly similar when I shot this. This was taken at a single time (nothing has been taken separately Even we did not know there is a milky way. When we were shooting another composition with the moon we saw the moon with milky way in raw file (it was hardly visible with naked eyes). After watching this it immediately reminds me the great capture of Michael Shainblum who captured the moon with the milky way. Well still someone may think that I am making a nice story, so here is the link for one of the raw file(I hope it works, if not u can ask me).

Technical details: For this particular shot I used the 16-35 canon lens just because of the monstar. The lens is great for monstar. This is a panorama of 12 images and one exposure for the moon. For the monstar I used aperture 9 and for the rest of the image aperture 2.8. The transition in color was real (no color gradient has been added). There is a city behind the field in the left. So a huge light pollution comes from it. I tried some foreground elements but nothing was interesting except this anti-aircraft gun placed during the world war. I quite like the way it was pointing towards the milkyway. The glow on the gun is from the moon. It was so bright that an artificial light source was not needed to light the foreground.

A great thanks to my friend Attilio Di Giangiacomo who asked me to join him for a night photography and he showed me this great location. Not only that I didn’t have my camera as it has been sent to the service centre. So he also allows me to use his camera for this shot.

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