Greenland by Kordan

Greenland photography expedition, July 2015. Have you ever imagined that Greenland can be blooming in pink? Next year we sailing again, check my 10-days Greenland: “Arctic Patagonia” workshop, September 20 – 29!
Allow plenty of hiking in “Big Walls” area of Greenland.

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The Green in Greenland by PaulZizkaPhoto

Well, our first night ever shooting in Greenland was one that will stay with us forever. This is what I imagined when I thought of Greenland. Aurora, wilderness camping, massive icebergs (that one behind the tent is about 350 metres high).

Dream come true.

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Arctic Reverie by PaulZizkaPhoto

The incredible columnar basalt of Kuannit, on Disko Island, sparks the imagination and made for three very overwhelmed photographers!

One of my well-traveled companions described it as “the most beautiful place he’s ever seen”. It’s not difficult to see why: the eerie basalt, mammoth icebergs, autumn colors, wild spires and rock windows, waterfalls and crystal-clear waters combine to create an absolute wonderland. Personally it had been a long time since I’d been so fired up about a specific photo location.

Kuannit, Disko Island, Greenland.

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