Lucky – Hole in One by m4photo

Captured at Durdle Door in Dorset when the sun pops through the arch, this image is one of the highlights of my year.
The weather was horrendous on the way down with rain for 3/4 of the journey and arriving on dense fog, but the early start was well worth the end results of this iconic location.
Why ‘Lucky -Hole in One’? Quite simply I was extremely lucky to get this shot because I had to let my sister get the train from Heathrow to where I live (she’s staying with us for Xmas with her family), the weather cleared just as dawn broke and I had the pleasure of three great photography friends, one that brings us luck every time we go out shooting together. Lastly, because this was my first every visit to Durdle Door and I’m immensely grateful to Paul Reiffer for setting up this shoot for us, especially given his workload at the present time.
I hope that you enjoy this image as much as I do.
All Rights Reserved. Thank you for all of your views, faves and comments. It is your feedback (faves and comments) that makes is all worthwhile.

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Eternal by AntonioGouveia

The remains of the Swanage old Pier

Swanage’s Victorian pier is over 100 years old and is one of two built, although it is the only one that survives complete today. The pier extends into the southern end of Swanage Bay near Swanage, a small town in the south east of Dorset, England.

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Sunrise Through The Door by TheNarratographer

This morning, Matt and I decided to head to Durdle Door to try and capture the sun coming through the arch; as it does around the middle of December each year. The sunrise looked promising as we trudged our way down the plethora of steps and across the beach; the stormy waves crashing into the beach and colliding with each other. By the time we had set up, the light was beginning to form and the sky was turning a beautiful orange. It wasnt until at least 8.30am that the sun aligned perfectly with the arch and as it formed a star beneath that rocky hole, we began to take our shots. So concentrated we were, that we didn’t notice the huge wave sweeping into from the sea towards us. It crashed into us with such force that it knocked a fellow photographers tripod and A7RII into the sea. It came in so deep that it was up to our knees, soaking our feet and trousers. Thankfully, I was brave enough to stay in position and managed to fire off this image :).

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The Colour Of Morning.jpg by liesthrualens

I decided on Corfe Castle this morning, at the promise of another misguided weatherman. Assured of a beautiful sunrise, I headed along the country roads at 5.30am, only to arrive at Corfe and find that the sunrise consisted of everything but sun. Having staggered up the daunting hill, I was soon turning around and heading towards Swanage.

Again, when I arrived, there was nothing but cloud. Setting up in position at the foot of the old pier, I watched as the sun slowly began to burn its way through the mottled cloud; revealing a beautiful, orange sky. Slowly the grey turned to amber and the sky was lit up beautifully. It lasted for about 5 minutes, enough time to fire off a couple of long exposures. This is the first of them.

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Durdle Door by stevemackayphotography

Durdle Door, after twilight but before full nighttime…..that seemingly everlasting time if you have a starscape image as your goal……then the clouds roll in……….

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Jurassic Coast by natezeman

The magnificent limestone arch of Durdle Door on the southern coast of England as seen on an amazingly windy and stormy day. I decided to shoot in black and white and do A super long exposure (about 3 minutes), to really bring the mood out the in this scene.

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