“A New Beginning II” by suraj1007

” Alone VII” by suraj1007

Well I am making an exception to “Alone” series smile emoticon the colors came so beautiful had to keep the image in color 🙂

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“The Light Painter II” by suraj1007

Image created in Collaboration with Eric when he Visited Dubai 🙂

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“The Unknown XII” by suraj1007

Finally 1 night we manage to go out at night to a place which is haunted as per Bertoni Siswanto Photography & B.S Tour Photography 🙂 to shoot the night sky at Nusa Penida island in Bali ..
Well we didn’t find any ghost but found amazing star filled sky above the the Sea.
The Right side horizon was lit with lights coming from Bali but the Left side horizon was so dark we couldn’t even see where the mountain ends & the sea starts & by the way we were at least 450 mtr above Sea lvl. 🙂
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Marina skyline II by suraj1007

On my recent visit to one of my friends place I tested few things & I wanted to share this, as this is a classic example where a Tilt Shift lens is must or else the result is what u guys see here…
This image is combination of 3 vertical + 3 horizontal x 3 exposure each
& I was literally pulling my hair while fixing the panoram… Yes the verticals are not straight & the architecture looks funny…
Tilt Shift is the best lens for shooting Architecture..
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Alone IV by suraj1007

Well these structures are made of Sand it’s called Sand Stone, basically over the period of centuries When the sand particles, mixed with cement-like minerals such as quartz and calcite, are compressed under great pressure over long periods of time they stick together to become stone.
Went to desert with few friends where they showed me this I have seen very less in this part of the world, the textures & shapes were amazing… 🙂
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