Eden Island by StefanHefele

“At first there was Paradise. The people made a mystical garden of it.”
Once again I have made myself on the search for it and was able to find a faraway gem in the vast expanses of the oceans.

The benefits of recent years in 160 seconds:
Stefan Hefele Landscape Photography

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The taste of the mountains by ManuelMartin1972

During our vacation in the Alps, we take a few small hikes with a horde of children. Friends of ours were with their children also in the mountains, and that meant „Obligation for all children to hike with me“ he he he 🙂 It was clear that the children had been overjoyed to be outdoors but they were also running around completely headless. I told the children again and again „Don’t run, it can be dangerous. You have to walk, because there is the dangerous of having twisted an ankle!“. And indeed, after shouting out 2’740 times they finally listen to me he he he 😉 With one small exception! Through the running all the time around and the loud laughter of the children our dog was also animated to do the same. And unfortunately I have never mastered the language of dogs. Before I could take Giorgio on a leash … it happened, what had to happen. Result: An ankle was a bit twisted!!! Well, it was not so bad and we still could admire the beautiful scenery in front of us which I was able to shoot after lunch!

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The Coronation of the Alps by StefanHefele

“The Coronation of the Alps” – Dolomites

Not only Reinhold Messner has dubbed the Dolomites as the most beautiful mountains in the world. With its majestic aura they act like the teeth of the crown of the Alps.

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Stormy weather over the First by ManuelMartin1972

Well, some weeks ago we were with friends at this location called „First“. And after some time and lots of work we built a fantastic fire and were able to grill our own snake bread and sausages. The women chatted, the children were playing together and the men were playing with their model aircrafts. Well, unfortunately this is not my hobby. In the distance I could already see the beginning of the Alps and I had such a hunger for adventure! But I was also able to observe how slowly a storm formed around us! Cool! Well, since I had my backpack with my equipment always with me, I could not resist this temptation and took this picture before it started to rain!

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Thunderstorm over Elba by ManuelMartin1972

What can I say? Despite the excellent weather without clouds (for most of the time) we had during 2 days the chance to see a huge thunderstorm over the island! Ha ha ha … how cool it was for me to make some shots 😉 It was evening and very hot and I was sitting in front of our tent … and I could observe how all the people were collecting everything lying around in a nervous manner. I looked to the distance and saw how a storm front was approaching the island. YEEESSS! I took my backpack with my photography equipment and made my way to the beach. It was really funny to see how everyone on the beach was leaving very quickly the area … except of me he he he 🙂 And everyone I met on my way was saying to me to leave the place and that I was on the wrong way! To give always the same answer was a bit annoying … so I began to change my answers: „Yes, I know … but I want to make some shots and therefore …“, „Yes, thank you so much, but you know … it’s … bla bla bla …“, „Thank you, very kind of you, for sure I will go away from here, just one photo and then …“, „Oh boy, I already know about the storm, but thank you“, „My god, you too … OK, I got it!“, „ Yes, thank you, but I forgot something!“, „Really? Thank you … smile!“, „Dangerous? Not for me!“, „A storm? Unbelievable, isn’t it he he he!“, „I’m a meteorologist! This is my job!“, „Don’t worry, I’m living on the beach!“, „Ha! No panic! I’m strong like a lion!“, „I want to say good night to my wife, she’s a mermaid!“, „Look behind you, there is a sand troll.“, „It’s because I want to die.“, „No worry, I’m the weather god!“ … my god, it was like in a circus, but very funny he he he 🙂 And finally on the rocks of the beach I could make this photo before the thunderstorm reached the area!

Thank you for your time and interest in my photos, your visit is most appreciated 🙂


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Sea of Ringol by StefanHefele

“Sea of Ringol” – Scotland

I hope you can enjoy this moment like I did while capturing it.

For those that knew Jeff Swanson (I never had the opportunity to meet him in person) either personally or online knows he always brought joy and laughter to all of us. He was unfortunately taken too soon by Melanoma about a year ago, but his images live on and if you happen to enjoy his images please do purchase one of his prints. All proceeds from his website will go to the Melanoma Research Foundation. http://ift.tt/1Kmy8QL


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Elementary by StefanHefele

“Elementary” – Somewhere in Northern Scandinavia

When Elements having a party this is what it looks like I guess. A great show I was able to witness in the wilderness of Norway.


Prints and licensing available.

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