New Year is coming by urapechen

Balancing act… by OferLevy1

This Grey-headed Flying Fox was captured while performing a “belly dipping” which is how they drink. After skimming the water while flying they lick the water absorbed in their fur. This is usually done at dusk and night but on very hot days when the temperature reaches around 40 degrees they drink during the day.

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Nespresso… what else! by horazio

Playing around with Cinema4D and x-particles (cool plug-in to generate millions of particles or objects). I hope the message is rather obvious. I absolutely don’t want to become a moralizer but the numbers are somewhat creepy.

The Nespresso consumption 2012 worldwide was 12’300 capsules every minute (almost 20’000’000 a day!). One capsule consists of 1.1g alluminium. So they need 19 tons of alluminium EVERY day or approx. 7’000 tons every year (one Eiffel tower of metall garbage every year). During the alluminium-creation-process very dangerous red mud is produced (we already had several incidents with red mud in the past where the eco system of very large regions got completey destroyed). And last but not least the production of 1 ton alluminium needs 13’000 kWh electric power and 57 m3 water (recyling still needs 1’300 kWh and 1.7 m3).

Besides this Nespresso consumers (and I’m still one too but guess I will change back to regular fair trade coffee very soon) have to admit how stupid they are: The price of 1kg coffee in capsules is around insane 60 euros. So we’re not only harming our environment we’re also paying a lot for it. Think about it and don’t get caught by the Nespresso-wave!

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Open Bar by zeden9

Bananaquits having their great moment to drink a nice nectar . Talking ,singing,playing around some sweet drink into nature.

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