Wild Forest by Pcoskun

While I have autumn colors on my mind, I also have the lush greens of Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge on my mind as well. This was one of the few non waterfall images I took while wandering around the gorge earlier this year. I loved how lush and vibrant this scene looked. The greens were as beautiful as I could have imagined and the mossy trees gave it a more wild feel. I didn’t have to hike a dozen miles off trail to find this spot, in fact, it was just a few steps off a short and scenic trail to a few gorgeous waterfalls.

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Profanities of Glee by m_jackisch

Ever take that first bite of a perfectly cooked steak and exclaim, ‘OOOoooh, $#*%@ this is good!’

This was kind of like that for me, only the aesthetic version.

I know of people who don’t see the appeal in hiking because of the lack of thrill factor, but I’d be lying if I said my heart wasn’t pounding as I stood gaping in awe of this place. The challenge of getting here (I failed once) made it that much more rewarding.

The whole time, based on the images I had seen prior, I expected the sun to make an appearance from the left side igniting the falls to the right.

Being March, this happened instead.

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Serenity’s Home by jurgo

Taken in mid July along our Eagle Creek hike in the Columbia River Gorge. There are a whole series of waterfalls along Eagle Creek, all spectacular but Punch Bowl Falls is the most photogenic.The lush greens were beginning to subside by this time of year but the yellows and golds that were emerging added wonderful color to the foreground reflection.

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Gran Finale by MaxFoster

“Gran Finale” – Punch Bowl Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

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On my final morning in Oregon, I wanted to finish up with a relatively easy hike. I was already car camped in the Eagle Creek area, so I headed out to Metlako and Punchbowl. After almost completely overcast conditions for the previous 3 days, I was excited to see a few slivers of sunshine on the hike out. On my last few shots at Punchbowl, the sun finally made a full appearance and cast some nice warm light on the canyon walls. It was a really nice ending to a jam-packed trip.
Tech: 3 shots, one for sunlight, one for freezing the foliage in place, and a longer exposure for smoothing out the foreground water. Hand blended in PS.

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