Planet Painted by eyeofalens

Planet Painted

Couldn’t help but think of Mars when here & pondered to myself if I’ll see in my lifetime an image take by & man or woman standing on Mars or any other planets to be found for that matter.

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Smith Cave by eyeofalens

Please View Smith Cave on that Dark Matter !
Smith Cave
Not really a cave as such, but a small dug out ? or errosion within one of the many small rock faces opposite Smith Rock.
Found this whilst first wandering around Smith Rock scouting for ideas. It went back about 2 mtrs only & I first just got down in front of it to see if it might work. Seeing a possible unique frame I decide to crawl into it & sit down with enough room to crouch & tilt the LCD screen upwards ( benefits of a tilting screen for low down perspectives ) Really sharing as a means of hoping someone might see it & think of capturing Smith Rock from within here during a storm ! think it would be awesome with some lighting bolts or a night shot & stars.

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