Bubble Bath Basin, Mono Lake County, California by PatrickMarsonOng

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Foam, foam, and foam! Foam everywhere!! First time in my life to see so much foam. Lol! It has something to do with the lake’s chemical composition plus the wind factor making the entire lake like a foam machine!!

On with the gummy boots, used the foam to my advantage and make the best out of the condition that was given to us. Surely you can’t go wrong with that kind of light, rrrright? Cheers guys! Feel free to share!

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Morning soak with a view by ParchenPhotography

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Doing long road trips can be a bit tough on the body; long drives (this last trip was ~4,700 miles), little sleep, and lots of hiking. So mixing a little relaxing time into the shooting schedule is always a welcome change of pace, especially if you can combine the two. Next time I’ll just remember to leave my clothes and towel away from the steam as everything I brought quickly turned into a block of ice since it was 16 degrees outside. That was a cold walk back to the car. I’ve tried this shot about four times now in various conditions in the past year and definitely like the “cold” version the best. Especially since there wasn’t another soul around and I had the place to myself. Shot with Sony A7r and Zeiss 2/35 ZE. Enjoy!!

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Gateway To Oasis, Mono Lake, California by PatrickMarsonOng

One of the oldest lakes in North America and a gateway to the Eastern Sierra – Mono Lake.

A giant salty basin! They say it’s twice as salty as the ocean. Learned that this lake was formed through time
where “salts and minerals have washed into the lake from the Eastern Sierra streams and as freshwater evaporates from the lake, it has has left the salts and minerals behind so the lake is now about 2 1/2 times as salty as the ocean and very alkaline.”

Located east of Yosemite, this gem is also famous for it’s sand tufa. These are unique formations that came from calcium carbonate deposits and can be found on the mouth of the lake.

Our second stop after Yosemite National Park. Mono Lake was supposed to be a 2 hour drive through the scenic Tioga Pass but the weather didn’t gave way. In order to reach this place, we had to take the looooong 6 hour drive around just to get there. Reached the lake pass sunset. Missed it. Good thing it was cloudless haha!

Next day sunrise was quite ok, well the clouds came later than we expected. Sad to see the water level of Mono basin was way way low. Not much rain this year i suppose. Anyway, we opted to be on the other side for sunset to get a different perspective. So far the clouds did not disappoint! So I hope you enjoy the view! Cheers guys!

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Morning on the Owens by MitchDerr

A landscape rendition of my morning on the Owens. I have to say, the Eastern Sierra’s is an amazing area.

One exposure using Lightroom, CC 2014, Tony Kuyper’s action panel and Lumenzia.

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Hot Creek Twilight by Dustin_Wong_Photography

A river awoke underneath the mountain
Eastern Sierra, California

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Arriving in the dark made it difficult to set up a composition as I had never been here before. Dawn’s early light began to hit the water and steam coming off the geothermally heated water to create this scene.

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Tufa Island by Dustin_Wong_Photography

Reflections at Mono Lake
Eastern Sierra, California

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This place is just amazing to see when the sun is casting color all over the sky. The water level was quite low so I hope this winter brings California some much needed snow & rain.

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Bacterium by alexnoriega

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An intimate view of fall color on the slopes of the Eastern Sierra mountains of California.

I’ve got another (more dramatic) image coming later this week, along with two new workshop announcements!

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