Eltz castle by MaxConradPhotography

The famous medieval castle sits hidden in the hills above the valley of the river Mosel. On that particular morning the scenery was very special and spooky as the fog just reached up to the castle with the sun glaring through, also we were the only people around at that time. Usually I don’t post more than photo in a row of a certain subject but this one is hard not to show, what do you think?

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The gloomy stronghold by MaxConradPhotography

I wish you all a happy new year with this photo from yesterday morning at a wonderful place I have been for the first time…and somehow with the perfect lighting.

See you in 2016 🙂

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Fairy Tale Castle by Marcel_Zizkat

If you dont view this shot on black your underpants should not get clean in your washingmachine anymore.

This is castle Eltz.
Often considered as the most beautifulst castle in Germany. But I guess there are a couple of realy outstanding ones, especially in the south of Germany.

But nevertheless this castle realy a his own beauty.
Situated in a small, tiny valley it is surrounded by forrest on each side. If you walk down the trail from the parking area to the castle it suddenly appears out of the forrest. I was searching pretty long for a composition of this beauty that is rarly seen.

Enjoy your day and thanks for looking, voting, sharing and maybe just having fun.

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