Long Shadows by dfphoto1

Lange Schatten im Winterwald

Da ja dieses Jahr einfach kein Schnee kommen will,hier mal eine Aufnahme von vor 3 Jahren

Ich wünsche Allen einen Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 🙂
Beste Grüße,

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The realm of Queen Hiberna (Part 2) by ReinhardMittermaier

This is a panorama out of my series from the beginning of the December and the sequel of the Queen Hiberna image. I think this is the better one, because of the path which gives the image a depth of field.

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Before the snowstorm by MaxConradPhotography

A cold and snowy morning almost one year ago in the black forest. Only a few minutes after taking this photo a bad snowstorm arrived at the mountain top which reduced the visibility to a few meters – the scenery changed from peaceful morning silence to arctic hell within a few minutes. That was an awesome experience.
Meanwhile in southern germany we are still waiting for the winter to arrive having temperatures of about 15°C and getting ready for some barbecue on christmas 😉

Happy holidays all 🙂

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The Coronation by StefanHefele

“The Coronation” – A new life is born

The Coronation of life is when you witness how new life is starting to breath. Especially when it´s your own flesh and blood. Three days ago my little daughter came into this crazy world. To her I want to dedicate this very special photo, which I see myself as one of my most inspiring moments ever.

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Elementary by StefanHefele

“Elementary” – Somewhere in Northern Scandinavia

When Elements having a party this is what it looks like I guess. A great show I was able to witness in the wilderness of Norway.


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Golden magic by MartinKrajczy

This lovely ice lagoon is close to the famous Jökulsarlon lagoon. It was a lovely evening when i arrived there. A day before i had trouble to get out of my car due to the strong winds. On this evening the it was pure silence – no wind and no other people. I was alone in this beautiful setting. A great gift to explore such a nature in such an atmosphere.

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Grateful Moment by MartinKrajczy

The quietude of the moment and infinite expanse of this fascinating nature only make you feel grateful for being able to experience this. I knew on my way to Landmanalaugar that i will stop at this place on my way back. I didn´t know that i will have so much luck with the conditions at this great place. As this shot is taken late in September you already see the first ice on the lake.

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