Fitz Roy Stronghold by alexandredeschaumes

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One of my main frustration with mountain photography is to be unable to recreate this feeling of size and majesty . Cerro Fitz Roy is nowadays visible in thousands of pictures, and wide angle often make the background mountain very small and distorted on the borders .
Here there is nothing very original , it is the common face with beautiful but not exceptionnal light conditions .
But 18 well detailed images at 300mm, in HD, allows to feel the texture . And feel a sensation that I love to have in the field : Looking through good binoculars
There is a man on the moraine if you find him , giving a sense of scale.
The moraine is around Lago de Los tres, a very beautiful blue lake where many people go everyday .

© Alexandre Deschaumes . April 2015

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Fitz Roy in fire by allan_38

An amazing sunrise in Patogonia !

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A fulfilled dream by FGOPhoto

A dream that is fulfilled in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been; nature at its most pure, wild, hostile, hard state, yet beautiful … too beautiful.

I reached Cerro Torre after a walk of about two hours with a couple of friends who met in El Chalten, walking trails so beautiful was an unforgettable experience. Arriving at the foot of Laguna Torre was amazing; nature welcomed us showing its toughest face, as if to get us kicked out of the place. The lakeshore down and see the pieces of the glacier made me carry me to a place out of stories … that moment!!

If there is any place where one day I will return, will certainly Cerro Torres, a dream out of my head and put it in my heart.
Un sueño que se cumple en uno de los lugares más hermosos en los que he estado; la naturaleza en su estado más puro, salvaje, hostil, duro, y sin embargo hermoso…demasiado hermoso.

Llegué a Cerro Torre luego de una caminata de unas dos horas con un par de amigos que conocí en El Chaltén, caminar por tan hermosos senderos fué una experiencia inolvidable. Al llegar a los pies de Laguna Torre fué increíble; la naturaleza nos recibió mostrando su cara más dura, como queriendo sacarnos a patadas del lugar. El bajar a orillas del lago y ver los trozos del glaciar me hizo transportarme a un lugar sacado de cuentos…que momento!!

Si existe algún lugar donde algún día volveré, será sin duda Cerro Torres, un sueño que saqué de mi cabeza y guardé en mi corazón.

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