Electric Auras (pt 2) by robwoodcoxphoto

I’m excited to share the second image of a personal series titled “Electric Auras” I have developed amidst my world tour to document the beautiful people I meet. I interact with a lot of people as I travel but there are a few that stand out to me; they are the quickest to smile, the fastest to share a meal, and the first to offer assistance with no additional cost or strings attached. I find peace with these people because they are the reason I have great memories and their warm spirits resonate with mine. I want to show these people as powerful through the creation of this series; in a world often consumed with hatred and greed, it is the kind and humble that truly hold power in my eyes.

This particular image is of my now good friend and Vietnamese brother, Long Tran. He’s a fellow photographer and explorer and surely has a bright future with his great talent and personality! We shot this photo on a secluded stretch of the Mekong River in southwest Vietnam.


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The Electric Roller Coaster by paulweeks

Stumbling around a field of tall grass in Northern Iceland, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the sky. On this night there was no moon in the sky and the solar activity index was a 9/10, the Northern Lights were exploding over my head like nothing I’d ever seen before. Glancing over my shoulder I noticed the field dropping over into an embankment where a little river meandered along. The lights twisted and shot across the sky, and for just a brief moment they lined up perfectly with the bend in the river.

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Electric Blue by WarrenKeelan

Electric Blue //
Beautiful liquid blue energy seconds before detonation.
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Poison remedy by zardo500px

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(HAY) Man Nice Shot by pkwicki

Sitting in a field with a bunch of fresh hay bales and trying to catch a storm. This seasons storms have not been impressive. I keep trying to catch them up close but they just graze us and are gone as soon as they appear. Anyways, it does not stop me from getting out and having a little bit of fun.

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Ride the Lightning 3 by AaronGroen

I stopped and shot this on my way home from the big storms the other day just southeast of town (Sioux Falls,SD). Taken 6/6/2015 – 10:05:38 PM

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