Arcadia by patch

It was a rainy Melbourne day and I escaped inside this shopping mall to avoid getting too wet. I liked the look of this pair of escalators and was lucky that there was an advertising bollard just in front of them to allow for a resting spot for a long exposure shot.

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Elevate by peterstewartphotography

Looking up inside the lobby of a pretty cool looking office complex in Tokyo, Japan.
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Living on Kepler 452b by CludesTomato

Hope you like it! 😉
Kepler-452b is an exoplanet orbiting the G-class star Kepler-452. It was identified by the Kepler space telescope and its discovery was publicly announced by NASA on 23 July 2015. It is the first potentially rocky super-Earth planet discovered orbiting within the habitable zone of a star very similar to the Sun. It is the sixth-most Earth-like exoplanet known to date. The planet is about 1,400 light-years away from the Solar System; at the speed of the New Horizons spacecraft, about 59,000 km/h (37,000 mph), it would take approximately 26 million years to get there. Unfortunately still to far away … for the moment 😉
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Carmo by Mafalda_S

A rainy morning in Carmo neighbourhood.

Music: Carlos Paredes, “Canto do Amanhecer” –

To see it in black background: press H and M, please.

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