I wish you all a happy new year !!! It was a great year 2015.
Thank you all for your support and keep up that good work!
My most viewed picture ever – I want to share with you again and hoping for another great photo 2016 and thanks to all my 500px and fb friends

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Silence II by Elstrup

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A quiet morning in the National Park Mols Mountains where the sun quietly peeks through the clouds and morning mist enjoy
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Blue IV by Elstrup

Blue – You may have seen this picture before on 500px and FB have seen this picture before – it’s older picture taken in Basel Schweis exhibition center – but for new user I hope it falls into your taste still a beautiful Sunday with greetings from Denmark on the first day where the snow has come

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Blue skylight II by Elstrup

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I have edited the image in Lightroom seemed to Those of you who have not seen it yet should have the opportunity to see and for those who have seen it before, I hope that the happy reunion –
good weekend for all of 500 px and Fb

Skylights in blue, an old picture from Switzerland as I again and again returning to my favorite picture indeed, and now att is I have been a little better in Photoshop – unfortunately before I not have use the RAW format at that time. Here I Examined the picture care fully and revive the hope it falls into your liking. The photo was taken in the exhibition center of Basel and the architect Herzog & de Meuron having created this architectural masterpiece one pearl and engineering combined surprise and light the light come into the passage

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