ICONIC JEWEL by EdwinMartinez

ICONIC JEWEL | Kirkjufell, Iceland

Most landscape photographers right now are aiming to shoot iconic locations, not just capture generic and stereotype scenes but those that are significant and recognizable by the viewers. There is nothing wrong with this, it is a positive direction and I hate photographers who say a scene is shot to death by so many. I think there are still hundreds no, let me correct this but millions of photographers who still haven’t seen or aim to visit these places that are iconic. I wish there is a statistics that would prove this theory.

Kirkjufell is probably one of those locations in Iceland that photographers target to visit and capture. I will never tire of this place. It has its own appeal that makes it photogenic. This is my shot of an iconic place with the right moment, the appearance of the northern lights.

I would like to share that moment, captured in a frame, frozen for me to relive the scene and to share the experience with you. For all aspiring landscape photographers, keep on aiming to shoot these places and capture them with your own perspective.

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