Under The Bridge by P-ANilsson

Hello all after the christmas weekend, sitting here editing stuff from this summer that i didnt have the time until now. This shot of the lovely Pia Nilsson is made only 500 yards from were i live, magic light under that bridge!! Hope you all had a great christmans and hope you all have a great new photo year.
Cheers P-A

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Mount Assiniboine Panorama by VictorAerden

Mount Assiniboine (in the clouds) and sunburst mountain.

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**Granite Bay Beauty** by Damian_McCudden_Photography

Hey all!

Back in June this year I went up to the Noosa National Park to shoot the sunset and I managed to get this long exposure image of the sky lighting up on fire about 30 mins after sunset.

I was up at Granite Bay and I was getting ready to pack up and leave because I thought the sunset was a fizzer when I saw a faint red glow start to appear on the horizon, So I took a few shots and noticed it getting more and more intense.

Quickly found this composition and shot some long exposure images of the fiery red sky and got this one. I just found this on my computer so re-edited it and this is the final image.

I hope you like it, Thanks for looking!

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Phantom by ScottMcCook

Hey Guys,

Now i’m back here in Perth and finished work for the year it’s a good time to slightly tweak or Mod images from NZ I did on the road, this is one from the Church of The Good Shepherd, I’m sure it needs no introduction 🙂


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Thunderbird by AaronGroen

Nuclear Dunes by dthompson

By far the best light I’ve seen on these dunes. This was a last minute decision to shoot here. I had plans to drive to Lone Pine and shoot Alabama Hills, but with horrible planning, and a late start from Vegas, I ended up here instead. Definitely wasn’t expect this! Such a great surprise. And the crazy thing about this evening, was I only saw one other person on this evening. I had the whole place to myself. 🙂

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