Hidden Gem of Moke Lake, New Zealand by PatrickMarsonOng

I already lost track on how many times I have visited this lake hoping to time it in right conditions that I’ve dreamt of. On our last visit, we were greeted with clear skies, low lying fog, snowy peaks, frozen lake, and a sweet sunny morning glow! I thought I was still dreaming until I dipped my foot into the freezing lake(with my waders of corse!). Everyone was so quiet, so focused in capturing and watching this amazing scene unfold. Cheers!

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Colossal Stacks of Wharariki, New Zealand by PatrickMarsonOng

These enormous sea stacks stands guard on the shores of Wharariki beach. Upon seeing my photog buddy catching the sunset on the far end of the beach, I hurried back and took a shot that would show scale of how big these giants are. If your planning to visit New Zealand soon, I would really recommend that you make room for this on your itinerary! Cheers guys!

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Twilight Rush at Lake Tekapo by PatrickMarsonOng

Enjoying the cold winter breeze in Lake Tekapo as we end our day with a sunset shoot. Was so lazy, I didn’t even bother to bring out the camera from the car. Baaaaad! Lol!
Ahhh… true enough, regret crawls in as everything turned into pink after sunset. Having a mental template of what I want shoot, I waited for my buddy to finish up, borrowed his camera, got my cf card in and fired away! Pulled off a shot with waves using high iso as the light slowly fades away. Hope you check it out! Happy weekend guys! Cheers!

“If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it.” – Sean O’Connell

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Mud and Cracks of Lake Tekapo by PatrickMarsonOng

An hour an a half racing against the sun as we drive out from an uncooperative Mt. Cook National Park weather just to catch that final kiss of sunset light on these muddy cracks of Lake Tekapo was all worth it!

How can such a thing be so unsightly and be beautiful at the same time? Lol! Hope you like it guys!

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Aoraki Love by PatrickMarsonOng

Aoraki Love | Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

I love taking photographs of epic-amazing locations and sharing them to the world. I hope that with this image I can encourage you to visit New Zealand. Be it work, tour, family vacation or a photo journey, make sure you spend a couple of nights and be lost in exploring one of South Island’s top destination, a photographer’s paradise, Aoraki Mt. Cook National Park.

Hooker Valley track, one of the most popular tracks of the National Park, offers stunning views of snow capped mountains, glaciers, huge boulders and raging rivers.

The stunning Mt. Cook sits at the end of Hooker Valley track, waiting to be showcased with the click of the shutter.

Is it amazing? Feel free to share! Cheers guys!

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Southern Dream by PatrickMarsonOng

If you have visited NZ’s south island particularly the west coast, Fox Glacier was definitely in your IT. If not, then you might need to visit NZ again pretty soon! Lol!

Lake Matheson – a must see place in Fox Glacier that is famous for it’s mirror-like reflection of Mt. Cook and Mt Tasman. Often photographed on sunrise, one must endure a pre-dawn 45 minutes walk thru darkness if you want to catch an awesome view of the alpen glow. And as you watch the sun illuminates the mountains, fog and mist slowly creeps in all over the lake.

Having been here a few times, I am still hoping to see the lake covered entirely in thick fog showing only the peaks of Mt. Cook and Tasman on the background. Oh well, either luck is not on my side or it doesn’t actually happen. Lol!

So why not use imagination and creativity in processing, combine shots taken at the same place, different area and time into one. Here’s my version of Lake Matheson. Hope you guys like it!

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Sweet-As Gold by PatrickMarsonOng

The iconic church of New Zealand, The Church of the Good Shepherd. One of the most visited place for tourists and photographers. Can’t even count how many were there during that time. Was happy to pull one shot without anybody standing on my frame.

May y’all have a great week guys! Cheers!

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