Hot Creek Twilight by Dustin_Wong_Photography

A river awoke underneath the mountain
Eastern Sierra, California

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Arriving in the dark made it difficult to set up a composition as I had never been here before. Dawn’s early light began to hit the water and steam coming off the geothermally heated water to create this scene.

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Midnight Lights by Dustin_Wong_Photography

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Whaleshead Beach, Oregon Coast — definitely worth a view on black

As first light came, lights from boats appeared on the horizon resembling a sunset.

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Lake Erie Overhead by morganpt

On the night of the June 26th storm over Lake Erie, I headed to the Marblehead lighthouse to make pictures. The night was chaotic, with a wild lake, crazy wind (40mph), and rain everywhere (3.5 inches that day). The story here:

To get the “dramatic angle” amidst the crashing waves, I climbed to a rock outcropping, held my camera above the water, and took a series of handheld shots at 1/4s and 8fps. For the bottom part of the image, my camera was completely submerged. I combined two of those images to get this.

As usual, best seen large on black. Press “H” and “M”

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