Mesmerizing by scott140

Early morning on the Chagrin River, inside the South Chagrin Reservation of the Cleveland Metro Parks.
This is a section of the waterfall located near the Squaw Rock picnic area.
The patterns formed, as the water glides over the rocks, in this section of the falls always makes me stop and stare.

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~ Goodbye! Queen’s Head ~ by FuYiChen

Yehliu – Queen’s Head. | 野柳 – 女王頭
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Queen’s Head, one of the most famous scenes in Yehliu Geopark, New Taipei, Taiwan.
The so called “Queen’s Head” is in fact a kind of mushroom rock; It is formed due to the differential erosion caused by seawater during curst movement,
because the shape as formed after the top of rock being fallen apart in 1962~1963 appears like the side face of Queen Elizabeth.
Since it undertakes natural devastation, The narrowest part around it neck is about 138 cm now.
名稱 Name: Goodbye! Queen’s Head | 再見! 女王頭
圖像大小 Image Size : 6000 x 4000 pixel

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Dreaming… by WaynePinkston

Valley of Dreams in the New Mexico Badlands

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The Dark Knight Rises by DaniloFaria

Sometimes is better to be lucky than good at something, this was one of those days. Sun rays broke for a few minutes at the Grand Canyon National Park after a massive blizzard. On this day in January snowed at central and northern Arizona for about 20 straight hours. I had permits for “the Wave”, I barely made it to the Grand Canyon village. We got “stuck” there for 2 days until the roads opened again. Being “flexible” with where to go usually works great. After a few images I wasn’t complaining that the temperature dropped to -8F. The most amazing part of that day was that even though it was snowing hard at the top rim, the snow would melt before it reached the lower elevations (with much warmer temperatures) and you can see that difference in the image. From the archives… slight different version of a previously posted image.
Thank you all so much for the votes and feedback, I appreciate it very much!

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beyond imagination by maxvuong

This photo is dedicated to Jeff Swanson who passed away far too young. A wonderful guy with such a huge and warm spirit. I hope you will visit his site to see his beautiful work at Jeff’s memorial page Funds raised by the sale of Jeff’s prints will be donated in his name to the Melanoma Research Foundation.
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About this photo:
5-6 wide angle image stitch. Taken in a remote and fairly undiscovered territory with great friends Mich and Paul Rojas. Huge thanks to Paul for being such a relentless explorer and sharing his knowledge of these amazing places.

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Fire Temple by alexnoriega

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A unique view of a slot canyon in Northern Arizona (not Antelope). The colors are caused by varying temperatures of reflected light, which I then used in post production to emphasize the flame shape formed by the composition.

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