Mesmerized by ErwinBuske

This image is of Mono Lake just before Sunrise. I must say that this was one of the most spell binding, otherworldly events I have ever experienced: watching and waiting as the sun started rising and beautifully illuminating the shoreline, waters, and tufas of Mono Lake. The experience is so hypnotizing one can almost forget to trip the camera shutter! A blend of multiple images for exposure. Primary exposure Nikon D800, ISO 200, F16, 1/13, 20MM. This image is best viewed full size on a large screen against a black background. Thanks for viewing my image!

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Mt. Rainier Bouquet by ErwinBuske

This image was taken yesterday evening at sunset. The perspective is looking out from flower fields below Sourdough Ridge to Yakima Park, Burroughs Mountain, and Mt. Rainier. This is not the picture I intended to take that evening, but with the fierce winds all along Mt. Freemont and Burroughs, I decided to take cover where there was little wind. I was not disappointed! This is a blend of multiple images for exposure.

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Flowers in Paradise by ErwinBuske

After noticing various posts informing me that the Mt. Rainier flower show was at least a month early this year and about over, I decided to head over to Paradise hoping it was not too late. I was shocked that most areas of the Paradise area are either completely spent or somewhat lifeless (dried out, stunted, generally confused!). I did find this naturally moist area just below Mazama Ridge on the Paradise side where the flowers were still vibrant. The smoke from the wildfires made photography challenging, but at sunset the situation improved and I managed to capture this image yesterday evening. In this sunset I especially was drawn the contrasting soft color tones on the right and left sides of the Mountain, soft purple/lavender on the right and more golden yellow on the left. These colors seemed to compliment similar color tones found in the lupine flowers and golden light spread across the larger meadow.

This is a blend of several images for exposure.

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