Inferno Door by jaychong

“Inferno Door”

Well, I was going do a top 5 images of 2015 but I ran out of time culling through the photos. So I decided to just edit photos smile emoticon. Sunset blow up was predicted by team β€ͺ#β€Žescaype‬ !

Techy stuff: I took 2 panos and blended them together to get a 3:2 ratio so I could get a more drawn in FG and in a portrait format. Each pano was 6 shot stitch. This became one huge and sluggish file to edit. Edit in Adobe PS CC using Luminosity mask for DR and the usual bag of tricks.

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A Moraine Morning by landESCAPEphotography

This was the first morning of my trip with Tung to Canada. We had come mainly to hike and explore the high mountains, but we couldn’t resist photographing this lake when the light was expected to be good and we were running on too little sleep to hike. We had set up a few custom #escaype forecasts in the area (we often offer this for traveling clients) and that helped us wake up for this one.
This is a two-image vertorama, taken at sunrise. Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

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Radiant Splendor by fzaidi

This sunrise was special. Not only because it erased the memory of the previous two skunks that I encountered when I got fogged in the last 15 mins before sunset and in the other clouds just cleared up in the last half hour, but also because I was shooting besides one of my favorite photographers Jeff Lewis. His work is inspirational and his shots of Golden Gate Bridge are second to none. I saw one of his images from a location close to this one, which had a sunrise similar to this one and I was really waiting to see something like that myself. Finally, I got the opportunity to not only watch and shoot that sunset but to do it besides Jeff himself. Some days are simply better than others! This is a two exposure blend.

Forecast by Escaype

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To See You Smiling by landESCAPEphotography

“Earth laughs in flowers” – R.W. Emerson

A perfect spring scene on the California coast. The flowers are native Californian Erigeron. I was planning to photograph from the rocks below, but I saw this flower patch on the cliff and knew that was where I wanted to be. This is several exposures blended for focus and time.

Sunset forecast powered by #escaype πŸ™‚

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A Song of Ice and Fire by SrivatsRavichandran

A glorious evening out shooting on the Big Sur coast, this is till date one of the best sunsets I have been witness to and the fact that it came smack in the middle of summer made it all the more memorable!! An evening when the skies were ablaze and the tides were roaring with icy cold Pacific Ocean water. This shot was taken after hiking, running and climbing down some sharp and unwieldy rocks. A low tide entering the cove made for some beautiful wave action and the majestic burn from the sunset made it a shot totally worth capturing. One of my favorite seascapes till date. This insane burn was predicted by #escaype.

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Inspiration by fzaidi

This maybe one of my most memorable images. I took it back in July, when Escaype forecasted an amazing sunset in Big Sur. Many of us left and reached this location and began exploring our options. Luckily, Jeff Lewis was with us as well. I found a decent place to shoot but he thought we can do better. So, our group split into two and Jeff led the other group searching for a location that could do justice to the epic sunset we were expecting. The sunset time was approaching fast but Jeff had a purpose in his step. Eventually, we reached this location and after looking for better options close by I decided that this was probably the best bet. Jeff had it figured much earlier than me and I just placed my tripod next to him perilously close to the edge of this channel. The sun set within 2-3 minutes and then the epic sunset was before us. It was the first time I experienced something so epic and being really new to this I just shot in as many ways as I possibly could to try to capture what I saw. While we were shooting Michael Shainblum, who happens to be one of my favorite photographers reached this location searching for Jeff. He sent his friend for a profile picture and did shout “Don’t copy my comp”, but I did include his friend anyway πŸ™‚ When I came back home, I did not want to mess with the images I shot. But at that time I felt I was not ready to process these images, so I am really glad to be finally done with it. When you are in a company of top photographers like Jeff on my left and Michael above then you get inspired and strive to get better. I was really lucky that day to have been in the company of both of them and that made this day a memorable one!

This is a manually stitched focus stacked panorama with perspective blend!

Forecast by Escaype

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Foggy Nights by snooked123

Low-tide allowed us to stand really close to the sea stack and capture its reflection along with the Milkyway. There was a little bit of fog on the left and at the horizon but there was enough gap that we could capture the MW as well as the fog. The lights from the city made the fog appear yellow which was quite cool. The numerous bonfires on the beach give the sea stacks a yellowish tinge which I had to cool down a bit to avoid looking unantural.

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With Grace by landESCAPEphotography

I never get tired of watching the fog in San Francisco. These low fog events have become extremely rare this year. Hopefully we get another one soon!

Forecasted by #escaype πŸ˜‰

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