Bowling for Magic by NicholasSteinberg

First and foremost this shot probably wouldn’t be possible without escaype’s forecast predictions! So I would like to give them a shout out for their amazingly accurate service. This last week I was able to scratch off two shots i’ve been wanting for years. Yes!! Two major bucket list shots all in one week!

Go check them out!


This is from Day 2 of my 3 day road trip.

This place, known as “Bowling Ball Beach” along the Mendocino Coast has been on the bucket list for many years as well.

This beach is very unique with rocks unlike you’ve seen anywhere unless you happen to be in New Zealand. I’ve been here at least 2-3 times before with no good luck. The tides have to be just right and, during that time, the odds of catching a great sunset are really rare as this place can be very foggy.

I was in Lake Tahoe and heard from ‪‎escaype‬ we were in for another great sunset and, at the last minute, I checked the tides and realized it was gonna be as perfect as possible for this location, so drove almost 6 hrs to get here.

Upon arriving the tide was low…really low! There were tons of the Bowling Balls exposed, but without water flow, so went out a little bit and found a great set of balls. No pun intended! Lol

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Raging Surf by fzaidi

This was the first time I went to Pacifica so wasn’t sure what to expect. Escaype had predicted a decent sunset and when I reached there the clouds were forming in the right direction. Unfortunately, I just got there 15 minutes before sunset due to some other commitments and had to rush down to the beach. I first ran to the left edge of the beach to see if it was worth photographing. Then ran all the way to the other end. The tide was pretty high that day and any decent spots were unreachable, so I again ran back to the left edge. Huffing and puffing I set up my camera on the tripod and started clicking. The tidal waves were particularly furious that day and I was on a watch out for the sneaker waves that are notorious to turn cameras into bricks. Surely, a few waves came when I had to lift my camera with tripod just in time to save it. I was soaked above my waist. But in the end it was worth it!

This is a three shot hand stitched vertical panorama perspective blend.

Forecast by Escaype

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Swept by jaychong

Today as planned (though I’m a bit early) is #escaype Day! I’m helping to promote, photo buddies Jeff and Tung,
on their successful launch of their company Escaype (

This is my last photo of the set of 3 that was taken a month prior. If you haven’t seen the first two you can here:

1. Furiosa

2. Rift

Techy stuff: 3 shot blend. One of the waves, one for the rocks (sharper for details and better shadows), one for the sky.

Thanks for the likes and shares 🙂

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