☼ Happy wasp! ☼ by John_Jester

This paper wasp, wasps of this family are chewed wood and cardboard resulting from their hive.

☼ Счастливая оса! ☼
Это бумажная оса, осы этого семейства пережевывают древесину и стоят из получившегося картона свои улья.

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Wasp…………. by avzon

I stacked 132 photo’s (“focus-stacking”) to end up with this image of a wasp (Vespa velutina). Including editing it took me approx. 6 hours to finish this image. But what a awesome looking bug it is…….;-)

Cheers all

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Bullet ant………. by avzon

Lots of wind and rain today in the Netherlands, so no wildlife photography. Instead I turned to my treasure-box and found a dried Bullet ant (Paraponera clavata). I put this subject in my extreme macro set-up and shot more then 110 frames (1/200s – f8 – iso200). I stacked 100 frames resulting in this creepy image. Hope you like it.

Cheers all!

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Run by AaronGroen

This is another shot from July 25th’s amazing shelf cloud north of Dell Rapids,SD. Taken less than a minute and a half before my ” sHELf cLoud http://ift.tt/1fxHBGC ” post and look how far the storm moves, this storm had already produced multiple tornadoes and still had over 70mph winds and large hail when it hit my location. 7/25/2015 – 10:19:36 PM Single Exposure shot, Canon EOS 6D and EF 16-35mmf/2.8L II usm lens @ 6.0 sec; f/2.8; ISO 1000, 16mm PRINTS – HomeGroenPhotography.com

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Sunset to Storm by kuekat_Dave

Sunset to storm,as promised an earlier shot of my dedication TO Jeff which won an EC. Lets remember Jeffs cause! This was a very dramatic fast moving storm that threw lightning and hail. Quite the experience to photograph.

This is one to hit the H than M key for a better view

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