Colors of Sweetgum Two by RCNaturephotos

“Colors of Sweetgum Two”

Beautiful sweetgum leaves in fall.

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Living Waters by white_tommy

Exploring the area of the Living Waters Ministry near Brevard. The fall rains had the rivers raging. So slippery, it was treacherous but I managed to find this 3 shot panorama as I was exiting this location. I liked the higher vantage point as you enjoy the water spilling over the rocky shelf.

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Heart for Wahclella by ErwinBuske

One thing I always remember to do when photographing a scene is to occasionally look behind me, Often there is more of a show in the opposite direction of the primary attraction, in this case Wahclella Falls (Columbia Gorge, Oregon). To me moving with the moment and staying fluid is as important as previsualization of a scene. I am not sure what the small Falls on the left is called, but I thought these falls along with the heart shaped sky contributed strongly to the feel of this composition. I am very happy the way this turned out and from this evening at the Falls, this is the image that lingers most in my memory-not the falls at all! Thanks for viewing my image.

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Dancing Aspens by BrianStrock

Here is a small grove of Aspen trees in rural Colorado. The location is a secret in fear they will be carved with initials. These carvings, arborglyphs, is a tradition dating back to ancient Indian times used to mark trails and shepherds, many of them Basque and Irish American, throughout the Western United States. Arborglyphs are ubiquitous to the American West, yet most people have never heard of them.

The curves of the aspens are a result of an avalanche or a mudslide earlier in the trees life. Luckily for me, this grove of aspens has survived all of this to be photographed and shared with you.

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Bathing In The Moonlight by AaronReedPhotography

Bathing In The Moonlight – An incredible foggy morning in Tumwater Canyon as the moon was setting behind the mountains.

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Autumn Mist by scottsmorra

Fog winding through the Sandy River Valley near the town of Sandy, Oregon. If you are driving to Mt Hood from Portland, it’s worth stopping at the Jonsrud Viewpoint. The views can be spectacular!

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Still Here, Stilled Heart by jimpattersonphotography

Here is an image of the now famous willow tree of Lake Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island. The sunrise was nice, but something about the golden light of early morning made the scene for me.

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