Minutes Later by gregityrx1

This is my second shot that I took about a month ago when I dragged my wife and our little dog Canon down to stream level. We arrived just minutes before the picture I posted a month ago was taken. This was taken minutes later. I have been here many times and came here this day to try and duplicate a shot that I took last August. The sky was clear and the conditions were perfect except I was late. The shot that I took last year was a single shot that I had plenty of time to set up for ( but I didn’t expect what we saw). Tweak a little this way and a little that way to cut down on the sun glares that was going to happen, shooting into a full blown sun. This shot and the one like it last year I used a polarizer and a 10 stop. Last year with ample time I was able to cut out the sun spots by tweaking. This year I wasn’t. So I had to combine two exposures to come up with this. This isn’t as strong of a shot to work with but definitely worth working on. After all, how often do get to see a location where the sun bounces of the walls and lights up like this. Last year when I first witnessed this, it was a “Visa” moment for me. And on this day when I witnessed it a second time it made me smile from ear to ear. How lucky are we to live in a part of the world where we get to see Mother Nature at her best. Hope you enjoy.
View on black to see some of the details.

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